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LED Headlamps

Compact, lightweight and robust mobile lighting

Prolutech's LED headlamps are specifically selected for professionals working in restricted spaces, difficult environments and ATEX zones. They provide hands-free illumination for efficient, comfortable working.

Ideal because they take up very little space, they provide homogeneous, panoramic light.

We also offer our range of Prolutech K-Light lamps : professional tools for professionals.

ATEX-H2 225 LUMENS LED headlamp

Unilite ATEX professional headlamp for use in explosive environments classified up to Zone 0. The Unilite ATEX-H2...
114 114,00 € HT   136,80 € TTC Price

HDL9R LED headlamp - 750 LUMENS

Powerful 750 lumen rechargeable Unilite LED headlamp. The Unilite HDL9R headlamp provides 750 lumens of light.
162 162,00 € HT   194,40 € TTC Price