Power stations and Powerbanks

Prolutech offers a range of self-contained portable batteries.

Our power banks: Indispensable, these small, professional devices enable you to recharge any device that uses a USB plug.

Our portable power stations: battery-powered energy storage systems, they are ideally suited to a wide range of applications, providing reliable power in the most cost-effective and environmentally-friendly way. 

Powerbank 4000mAH Pink 5V

Ansmann's compact and practical Powerbank in Pink. End of series
12 12,00 € HT   14,40 € TTC Price

Powerbank 15 000mAH 18W 5V

This Ansmann Powerbank is compact and practical, with a capacity of 15Ah. End of series
46 46,00 € HT   55,20 € TTC Price